Before the 20th century, carving was the primary method of ornamentation. During the 19th century, as machines were developed to replace craftsmen, the semi-machine carved creations of the time put many people off of that sort of decoration, The resulting furniture was often bulky amalgamated forms that the public rightly rebelled against. These newer styles which developed, reduced and then altogether eliminated woodcarving, leaving sterile less imaginative boxes. As the pendulum of history swings again, people are increasingly recognizing that carving does indeed have a necessary place in the decoration of furniture.

    At Johann International we happily take up the craft which was wrongfully cast aside. We do careful research into the appropriate forms of carving for your piece, and only use traditional hand carving tools and techniques. You can be assured that no robot-carved, ‘cookie cutter’ decorations will diminish the beauty of your furniture.

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