Although our primary focus is the construction of new pieces, we also offer restoration of furniture, woodwork, or even entire rooms. “Restoration” does not mean sanding the piece down and giving it a new coat of finish; rather for us it is the act of preserving the history which your furniture has inherited, and bringing the damaged or missing parts back to their potential beauty and character. Our restoration aims to preserve the integrity and finish of your cherished heirloom.

    We only repair or replace what is damaged or destroyed, and conserve the rest. Before beginning a restoration we will research your piece to determine the correct materials and finishes. We have restored hundreds of items from the 16th through the 19th century and can confidently undertake the refurbishment of your furniture. Antiques which have been “fixed” generally lose value, but proper conservation and preservation will maintain or increase their value. Contact us for an appointment to examine your cherished items, and we will be happy to assist you in optimizing the beauty and value of your heirlooms.

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