Sunday, March 6, 2016

A Video of My Plaster Moulding

Last time I posted pictures of my moulding project, I mentioned that my friend and helper, Thomas, had made a video of the making of the circular moulding for the niches. Well he finally got it posted on You-Tube and now it can be viewed here. I think he did a good job of condensing 45 minutes into less than four, Unfortunately he ran out of storage capacity on the card just as I was finishing, thus there is not a whole view of it completed. He has some still shots which he said he can add from a different camera to the end of this video, so if he does, there will be a little more to see.

There were three pictures of the niches with the moulding already installed on the last blog about this project, I re-posted one of them below.

The circular moulding was cut in half and used for the two niches

Here is a picture of the profile of the moulding again so you can see in better detail how it looks.

I used snips and a file to shape the profile, then glued it to a wooden
backing plate and attached it to the swing-arm as you can see
in the video.

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  1. Amazing work. I knew you had talent when you delivered my Schrank (not sure what to call it in English). ey